Posted on Mar 7, 2022
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The Umonics Method
Europe, Netherlands
Niño Elare
975-+975 17 269
ABOUT US! The Umonics Method is a Preschool Memory Enrichment Program for preschoolers from age 3-6 years old. We are the only enrichment provider in Singapore specialising in memory improvement techniques run by Six-Time Memory Record Holder Mr. Sancy Suraj. WHY THE UMONICS METHOD? 1. We Teach Students Long-term Memory Strategies! 2. We Have The Most Unique Academic & World General Knowledge Themes For Preschoolers! 3. We Train Kids How To Effectively Remember Information By Using Memory Strategies Used By World Memory Champions! 4. Hands-on Group Classes! 5. Can See Results In As Fast As 6 Sessions! AFTER THIS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, YOUR CHILD WILL: 1. Develop Confidence! 2. Learn Information At A Much Quicker Pace! 3. Memorise And Recall Information With Ease! 4. Develop Good Memorisation Habits Up To Primary School Years! To know about us, visit us on: Register And Book Your Free Trial Class Now! Sign Up And Join Over 1000 Little Memory Experts
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